Lockers and Stalls

Bathroom Stalls and Locker Installation

ASI Global Partitions - ASI Storage Solutions

  • Model Options: Traditional, Traditional Plus, Competitor, Pro, All-Welded, Specialty, Angle
  • Frame, Plastic Traditional, Plastic Traditional Plus, & Plastic Cubbies
  • Choose your configuration: Single to Six-Tier
  • Options: Lockable Security Box, Footlocker, Louvered Doors, Ventilation Holes
  • 14 to 16 Gauge Doors
  • Variety of Colors
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Bathroom Stall Partitions
ASI Global Partitions

  • Models: Stainless Steel, Solid Plastic (HDPE), Powder Coated Steel, Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard, Black Core Phenolic, Color-Thru Phenolic, Alpaco Classic Collection, Alpaco
  • Elegance Collection, and Alpaco Kids
  • Styles: Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor to Ceiling Anchored, Ultimate Privacy
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